Exit 36B, Oil on Aluminum, 8x10in, 2021 (Commissioned)
Beyond the Horizon, Oil on Canvas, 18×24, 2020 (Commissioned)
Storm Ryder, Oil on Canvas, 18x24in, 2020 (SOLD)
Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Oil on Canvas, 36x48in, 2019 (SOLD)
Rainy Night, Oil on Canvas, 16x20in, 2019 (SOLD)
Nowhere to go, Oil on Aluminum, 5x7in, 2020
Rainy Drive, Oil on Canvas, 18x24in, 2017 (SOLD)

My rain paintings are about a feeling that occurred as a young child and followed into adulthood. It’s that feeling of safety and comfort. Growing up in the age of auto mobiles all I ever knew was driving in the car to get somewhere. My favorite car rides were the ones during a rain storm. I love pretending the little droplet’s have real souls, and their mission is to follow the law of gravity. There is nothing more comforting than watching those raindrops slide down the window. I watch in meditation, daydreaming of a far away place.